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Order or arrive early! Offers are available while supplies last.   We are open 9am - 8pm, April 20.   Pick up and delivery options are available.
Discounts cannot be combined with industry, senior, or veteran discounts.
Jack herer
25% OFFGold Drop Cartridges and Concentrates
Various Options and Prices
no purchase limits
Top Shelf Medicine
25% OFFAbsolute Xtracts
(Selections sold out in Oakland)
Top Shelf Medicine
$40 Top Shelf 1/8thSelect Strains
(Regularly $60)
Top Shelf Medicine
$40 gramClear Concentrate
(Regularly $60)
Pure Cartridge
Available in Oakland only
Free Harborside Battery Pen
with purchase of
$35 Pure Cure Cartridges

$8 Pre-Rolls

$7 Hash Grams
Free Edible Samples

FREE Edible w/Purchase
Seeds and Clones

Free Pack of Seeds
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Harborside Merchandise

25% off on Harborside
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Savings on Accessories
Food Trucks

Food Trucks (11am-4pm)
+ Photo Ops

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Harborside Health Center

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Harborside Health Center

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California Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Free medical cannabis delivery or in-store pickup in Oakland and San Jose

Here at Harborside Health Center, we offer the finest, lab-tested medical cannabis products. Order medical cannabis online or pick up at our dispensary in Oakland or San Jose. Shop the finest quality of medical cannabis including Bruce Banner, Grand Daddy Purple, Deadhead OG, Durban Poison, Green Ribbon OG and more...

We Choose to Not Use the Term "Medical Marijuana"

While you may have heard medical cannabis referred to as medical marijuana, at Harborside we do not use that term. William Randolph Hearst utilized the word marijuana, as did his political allies, to promote harmful stereotypes about both the Mexican and Black populations. Smokers of marijuana were frequently caricatured as crazed and violent black men or lazy, thieving Mexicans.

We use the term medical cannabis rather than medical marijuana because we choose not to associate the positive healing properties of cannabis with the negative, racist undertones of the word marijuana. To use that term would passively support the wrong and hurtful notions of Hearst and his allies, whereas we believe that cannabis is medicine, and is meant for people of all colors and walks of life.

Medical Cannabis Knowledge Center