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Free Delivery of Cannabis Medicine

We offer a complimentary delivery service (with minimum order) to the Greater Bay Area. Our menu of holistic, herbal medicine is available for online ordering and is 100% guaranteed.

Patients must complete the following two steps before purchasing medical cannabis and requesting delivery

  1. Have a recommendation from a licensed California doctor
  2. Join the Harborside cannabis dispensary and complete the sign-up and orientation process. Even if you are already a patient-member, you must sign up for cannabis delivery

Payment Options for Delivery

We accept cash, money orders and cashier's checks for medical marijuana orders. Please have exact amount or more; our drivers do not carry change. PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to accept debit/credit cards for cannabis delivery purchases.

Minimum Order Quantity

  1. For Local Area: $50 before tax
  2. Extended Delivery Area: $100 before tax

For more details, please refer to our delivery map

Cannabis Delivery Hours

  • Online Ordering: 24 hours per day
  • Phone Ordering: available 10am-6:30pm daily by calling (888) 99-Harborside (888-994-2726)
  • Delivery Hours: 1-7pm daily
  • Delivery times may vary based on traffic and order volume
  • OBSERVED HOLIDAYS: Christmas, New Year's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving

Same-day Delivery Available!

  • For Metro Area, order by 3:30pm. Metro area is currently Oakland, Alameda, Berkley, San Leandro, Emeryville and San Lorenzo.
  • For outside the Metro Area, order by 12 noon

See our cannabis delivery map for more specific information.

Schedule a Delivery

  • Pick-Up and Delivery orders may be made no more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Please note that for the following cities we delivery only on Wednesdays and Sundays: Saratoga, Campbell, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Portola Valley, Los Altos, Woodside, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Mountain View, San Francisco, and Rio Vista. We do not deliver within San Jose city limits.
  • Order by 12noon (all delivery areas) and receive a call back between 12-1pm to schedule a delivery appointment between 1-7pm. Time requests are considered but not guaranteed.
  • Order between 12noon-3:30pm for a Metro Area delivery, receive callback between 4-5pm to schedule a delivery appointment between 4-7pm. Time requests are considered but not guaranteed.
  • You must confirm your delivery appointment by phone. Unconfirmed deliveries may be delayed. After confirming the appointment, the patient must be available at the specified address during the 1 hour appointment time.
  • Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges.
  • If you will be unavailable for a scheduled delivery, inform us by phone and your order will deliver on the next available day. Please call us at (888) 99-HARBORSIDE (888-994-2726)

Safety Guidelines

  • Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service.
  • Driver carries no product other than your cannabis medicine
  • Order must be final when you click 'submit'.
  • We will only deliver medical marijuana during daylight hours.
  • Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters.
  • Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Maximum order is 2oz./flowers or 16 concentrates or 20 edibles, or an equal combination of those items/quantities. Maximum 5 pre-rolls per order.
  • We will only deliver to a residence, your work or hotel where you are checked in. Addresses and contact numbers will be verified.
  • Our drivers will not be in uniform or in a marked car. Drivers are randomly and anonymously followed by our trained safety personnel to ensure best practices.
  • Deliveries are packaged in discreet paper bags.
  • Please restrain dogs and other animals. We do not know your pets and it is easier for all of us if they are restrained during the visit.

Missed Cannabis Deliveries and Restocking Fee

On the specified day of your delivery, if you are UNABLE to be at the delivery location at the pre-determined time, please inform us by phone and your cannabis medicine delivery will be pushed to the next available delivery day. If you are not available for delivery and do not notify us, you MAY be charged a $20 restocking fee. This counts as a "missed delivery." Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges.

Cannabis and California Law

We want you to know your rights under Proposition 215, or more generally known as the medical marijuana act of California. Read about Cannabis and the Law to learn more about legal, regulated medical cannabis in the Golden State and current federal laws that contradict state laws.


100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
If you are not completely satisfied with your online order after it arrives, simply return it for credit or exchange through our free delivery service with-in 48 hours of the delivery order.
(888) 99-Harborside
(888) 994-2726

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California Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Free medical cannabis delivery or in-store pickup in Oakland and San Jose

Here at Harborside Health Center, we offer the finest, lab-tested medical cannabis products. Order medical cannabis online or pick up at our dispensary in Oakland or San Jose. Shop the finest quality of medical cannabis including Bruce Banner, Grand Daddy Purple, Deadhead OG, Durban Poison, Green Ribbon OG and more...

We Choose to Not Use the Term "Medical Marijuana"

While you may have heard medical cannabis referred to as medical marijuana, at Harborside we do not use that term. William Randolph Hearst utilized the word marijuana, as did his political allies, to promote harmful stereotypes about both the Mexican and Black populations. Smokers of marijuana were frequently caricatured as crazed and violent black men or lazy, thieving Mexicans.

We use the term medical cannabis rather than medical marijuana because we choose not to associate the positive healing properties of cannabis with the negative, racist undertones of the word marijuana. To use that term would passively support the wrong and hurtful notions of Hearst and his allies, whereas we believe that cannabis is medicine, and is meant for people of all colors and walks of life.

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