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Buy Medical Cannabis Online or Pick up In-Store - Convenient Locations in Oakland and San Jose

Harborside Health Center provides a safe and easy way for you to buy cannabis to treat your medical condition(s)

Although it has been legal to purchase medical cannabis in California for over 15 years now, not every dispensary is created equal. Most do not take the time to answer important questions, and they function more like a drug house rather than a professional medical facility.

As our tagline “Out of the Shadows, Into the Light” suggests, that’s not how Oakland-based Harborside Health Center operates. Our goal is to show the world that individuals can buy medical cannabis and obtain holistic healing solutions in a responsible way.

Every patient that enters our door is treated with compassion and respect – patience is the cornerstone of how we interact with our patients.

Regardless of whether you’re new to medical cannabis, or have been using another dispensary for years and looking for a more inviting, community atmosphere, Harborside wants to welcome you. Continue reading for some brief information on the different options you can explore to purchase medical cannabis.

• Flowers – Find a wide assortment of Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains each designed for certain ailments. Every medical cannabis strain offered for sale at Harborside undergoes rigorous quality testing.

• Concentrates – Does your ailment require a more concentrated strain? Concentrates from Harborside provide higher doses of THC, cannabinoids and other compounds that help you alleviate symptoms and heal.

• Edibles – If you can’t or prefer not to ingest your medical cannabis through “smoking,” choose from a wide variety of edibles. Not only can you get the medicine your body needs to heal, you can get a tasty treat too!!

• Topicals – Some ailments are best treated through topical sprays, balms and lotions. If you fit into this category, Harborside has got you covered, literally.

• Seeds – California law allows you to grow a limited number of cannabis plants for medicinal purposes. Come see our selection of seeds and grow your own medicine, and sell any extra back to us!!

• Accessories – Besides medical cannabis, Harborside also has an extensive selection of necessary and not-so-necessary accessories ranging from pipes and vaporizers to lighters and t-shirts.

Of course, medical cannabis and accessories are just one part of our commitment to our patients. We passionately believe in “holistic” healing, so in that spirit, we offer different classes and other opportunities for you to find solutions to your medical ailments.

We invite you to browse around our site to learn more, and click the links above for more on how you can buy medical cannabis. Feel free to come in and visit our Oakland or San Jose location, and if you’re an established patient and are unable to get to the clinic, we offer a free delivery service.

And of course, if you have any questions, any questions at all, please feel free to contact us today.

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Minimum order value applies. See full details on our California medical cannabis delivery.

Is medical cannabis legal in California?

It sure is, thanks to Proposition 215. Also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, this California law has given individuals suffering from cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain and other health conditions legal access to the healing and wellness properties of the amazing cannabis plant.

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California Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Free medical cannabis delivery or in-store pickup in Oakland and San Jose

Here at Harborside Health Center, we offer the finest, lab-tested medical cannabis products. Order medical cannabis online or pick up at our dispensary in Oakland or San Jose. Shop the finest quality of medical cannabis including Bruce Banner, Grand Daddy Purple, Deadhead OG, Durban Poison, Green Ribbon OG and more...

We Choose to Not Use the Term "Medical Marijuana"

While you may have heard medical cannabis referred to as medical marijuana, at Harborside we do not use that term. William Randolph Hearst utilized the word marijuana, as did his political allies, to promote harmful stereotypes about both the Mexican and Black populations. Smokers of marijuana were frequently caricatured as crazed and violent black men or lazy, thieving Mexicans.

We use the term medical cannabis rather than medical marijuana because we choose not to associate the positive healing properties of cannabis with the negative, racist undertones of the word marijuana. To use that term would passively support the wrong and hurtful notions of Hearst and his allies, whereas we believe that cannabis is medicine, and is meant for people of all colors and walks of life.

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