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Careers at Harborside

Harborside Health Center was founded to provide a new model of excellence in medical cannabis, and has earned an unmatched reputation throughout the industry and movement. This is a direct result of the years of hard work, passion and dedication of our staff – our Harborside family.

Our work is dear to our hearts, and so vital to the communities we serve. We hope all our employees find their work to be both challenging, and to carry the unique reward of knowing at the end of the day that they have done something that really matters.

We are always looking for talented, passionate individuals to join our family at the right time. We place great value in a passion for the medical cannabis movement, dedication to the medical cannabis community, a commitment to excellence in all actions, and a demonstrated compassion for others. A history of hard work, dependability, reliability, honesty and integrity are a must for all applicants.

We provide a competitive wage, medical, dental and vision insurance, an employer-matched 401k program, an Employee Assistance Program, paid time off and a generous employee discount to qualified staff members. We are committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate on any legally recognized basis.

General Manager - Oakland

Patient Services/Safety Associate - San Jose

Safety Associate - Oakland

Sales Associate - Oakland

Sales Associate - San Jose

Processing Associate - Oakland

Some Words from Our Staff

"When I came in for my interview, I asked Steve what he was looking for in employees... the first thing he said was 'compassion.'"

"The staff actually cares about the people who come in here. They really mean it."

"Harborside is a place where we are encouraged to feel like family. We are empowered to genuinely care about each other... to be compassionate... and to respect each other."

"We all have a real passion for what we're doing."


How to Apply

If you are interested in starting a career with Harborside Health Center, please submit the following three items to our Human Resources Department:

1) A cover letter clearly stating:

A) Why you want to work for Harborside Health Center.

B) Previous experience that is directly relevant to the position for which you are applying.

2) Your resume

3) A completed Harborside Health Center application

These are available from our Ombuds department or online. Pick up a copy at Harborside Health Center or click here to print.

You can feel free to Apply Online as well. Make sure you've downloaded, filled out and rescanned the Harborside Health Center application first.

We send emails confirming receipt of application materials to all applicants who submit the three required items outlined above. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt, please resubmit all three items.

The positions we most commonly hire for are Safety Associate, Ombuds/Reception Associate, Patient Consultant Associate and Processing Associate.

We appreciate your interest in Harborside Health Center and wish you every success.


Contact Information:
Harborside Health Center
Attn: Human Resources
1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA

Email Us

(888) 99-Harborside
(888) 994-2726

Harborside Health Center

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606

Harborside Health Center

2106 Ringwood Ave
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We Choose to Not Use the Term "Medical Marijuana"

While you may have heard medical cannabis referred to as medical marijuana, at Harborside we do not use that term. William Randolph Hearst utilized the word marijuana, as did his political allies, to promote harmful stereotypes about both the Mexican and Black populations. Smokers of marijuana were frequently caricatured as crazed and violent black men or lazy, thieving Mexicans.

We use the term medical cannabis rather than medical marijuana because we choose not to associate the positive healing properties of cannabis with the negative, racist undertones of the word marijuana. To use that term would passively support the wrong and hurtful notions of Hearst and his allies, whereas we believe that cannabis is medicine, and is meant for people of all colors and walks of life.

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